When same years ago the global crisis began, architecture firms realized that they would only survive should they use various tactics to keep their firms afloat: from layoffs to reduced salaries, from designing new buildings to the supervision of refurbishing works.

The downturn and recession has severely hit Spain. The construction crisis has reached up to 90% and 50% of all architects have found themselves without work. But as not everyone faces the crisis the same way NYESTUDIO owners and architects Tuomo Jauhiainen y Gianfranco La Cognata decided to use this unexpected challenge as an opportunity to find other businesses and enlarge their options by designing a new iPad architecture application.

What was the main reason to design this application?

We both have kids and know that nowadays there is nothing as an iPad application to keep them interested on an in-house activity. Our next line of thought was to realize that though lots of jigsaw applications for kids that mainly depicted animals (elephants, lions, dogs, cats) there was none architecture applications specifically designed for kids.

Can you describe ARCHPUZZLE‘s value proposition?

We wanted to develop a game “a journey through the history of Architecture” that would help us to play with our kids while adding an educational factor. These puzzles are intended to familiarize youngsters with the architectural styles in History and the most representative buildings of each period.

What are the main traits of ARCHPUZZLE?
• Hand drawn by us
• We have programmed each building to have between 7 and 13 pieces depending on its architectural composition
• Tested by our kids
• Active with one purchase
• We have included the most representative architectural works from different periods ranging from Stonehenge to Sydney’s Opera.
• Each puzzle is introduced by Marc, a young boy who guides you through the buildings and explains some details about them. This comes as a reward once each puzzle has been completed.

Do you plan to improve the application or to develop new ones in the near future?

This is our first application. It is a playful one, it has however also intended to develop a special relationship between parents and kids and a learning tool for schools. Once we realized that though unexpected this was a new way to develop our skills, we are beginning to design new application projects with main focus on educational aspects and applied to other Sciences such as Architecture, Music, Mathematics or Languages.

With regards to ARCHPUZZLE we are planning to add new features to the actual ones and while now currently in Spanish and English we are finishing the translation to Catalan, Italian, Finish and Japanese.

How are you promoting ARCHPUZZLE?

Our budget is more than limited: it amounts to zero! We are using some of the most popular (and free) promotion methods FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and the web.

Stonehenge, Pyramids, Parthenon, Coliseum, San Vitale Church , Pisa Tower, Nôtre Dame Cathedral, Villa Capra, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Vierzehnheiligen Basilica, USA Capitol, Eiffel Tower, Casa Batlló, Chrysler building, Villa Saboya, Waterfall house, Farnsworth house, Säynätsalo Town Hall and Sydney’s Opera.

Founded in 2005 by architects Gianfranco La Cognata (Ragusa – Itàlia. 1971) and Tuomo Jauhiainen (Helsinki 1973) NYESTUDIO gathers international professionals from several areas (architecture, industrial and graphic design…) and from different countries (Finland, Italy, Spain, Norway) This professionals share office space, tools, ideas and projects within an intellectual atmosphere.

For further information please check the following links: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, WEB.

Olivija Horvatić