Hello Wood 2013


Hello Wood is a multicultural-multidisciplinar art program which has been organized in every summer since 2010.

During the camp, which lasts one week in the middle of summer, well-known and recognized experts, architects and artists share their knowledge with talented students.

Hello Wood is not just a camp where you can listen to well- known architect, in this organization you can work with them, and in the end of the program the plans become reality.

In the last 3 years the organization has become so succesfull and famous, that many students applied for the program from Spain to Poland.

Just some names of the participant architects : Lukasz Pastuszka and Jakub Majewski (MOMOO), Enrique Soriano and PepTornabell (CODA), Gabor Zoboki and AndrásCsiszér (ZOBOKI-DEMETER & Associates Architects)

This year Hello Wood was organized in Csórompuszta, which is located in Káli Basin, Hungary. Káli Basin is the most characteristic part of the Balaton Uplands. (This protected landscape area was established in 1984 on an area of 9,111 hectares.)

This was the ideal place for the organization whosetopic in 2013 was CLOSER!

As you can read on their website:

“We are researching how could the bond amongst nature, our artificial environment and humans become tighter. With the tools of design and architecture we are looking for an answer to the question: How could we get at least a step closer?

During the program each student got a mentor and they were working in teams. They were drilling, sawing, painting all day, but this was just about ideas. There werent clients, rules, financial problems, they could build everything, just their imagination could make limits. And it was organized in an amazing place.

They made wind turbines, 20 meter long gate, special seats around a fireplace and other amazing objects.

The camp has just finished, the plans became reality, students and mentors are tired, but got new friends and experiences… and if you would like to check what they built, you can go and check it from 5th to 12th August in Sziget Fesztival Budapest.

The article is based on epiteszforum.hu website’s Hello Wood 2013 CLOSER! article and index.hu website’s Megvalósították a mennyországot a Balaton-felvidéken article

The source of pictures:epiteszforum.hu, index.hu, facebook HelloWood

You can get more information and pictures about the organization here.

Julia Salamon