House on the rock


Kőszeg is a settlement with sub-alpine climate situated at the foot of the Alps. Kőszeg – also known as Hungary’s jewel-box – lies in the valley of the mountains surrounded by vineyards.

On Szabó-hill, the border of Kőszeg we can find a special plot with 40 m difference between two sides. The other not tipical thing here is the rocky part, which catches your eyes from the first moment.

The plot is really near the city center, but still keep a really close relationship with nature.

Attila Béres and his wife, Jusztina Balázs got the mission to design here a family house.

Attila Béres is the member of Saunders Arkitektur since 2008 so he has practice is really different projects, but this is the Béres Office’s first project in Hungary.

The building consists of two pieces, one for the parents and one for the children who are studying at university and just visitors in the house. The two parts are connected with a kind of open air terrace with an amazing view to the rocks.

The building is situated on a plateau from where you can see the continuously changing sight of the rocks from morning to night.

The house’s frame is made of pine, and the building got 30- 50 cm isolation, but not only high tech solutions are used, the orientation of the building was as important as using triple- glassed windows.

All parts of the house are designed in detail, most of the furniture is designed for this house and for these people. It means that in this little footing area everything works perfectly.

The designing kept for 3 years from the first meeting to the handover of keys, and this projekt shows how important the continuous conversation is between client and architect during the whole process.

The article based on website’s A Hideg-ház article

The soure of pictures:

You can get more information and pictures about the house here.

Julia Salamon