Luxury Estate Atop Paris Hillside


Thanks to the Paris architecture office Christian Pottgiesser architectures possibles, the country bourgeois and 18th century spirit have been restored. The structure at hand is an exceptionally elegant and unobtrusive extension of an old orangery (a representative building located near the orchard) perched atop the hillside beneath the Seine, just a half-hour drive from the capital. The estate itself encompasses 5000 square feet, while the original set-up in its entirety resembles a clearing in a forest.

The entire complex, built for a family of six, consists of a residential area, a reception, an office and service spaces. In order to keep in line with the irregular natural topography, the architects decided to extend the residence all the way up towards the parcel’s northwest boundaries which ultimately resulted in an L-shaped general plan, hence the house’s name Maison L. As the local building code allows flat roofs, five three-storied toweresque volumes were implemented, stamping through the garden roof. However, the ground floor had to be dug 2 meters into the ground as it wasn’t allowed to build over a height of seven meters. Consequently every tower is a separate residence for each family member, while still remaining connected at the ground level.

The glazing around each tower provides natural lighting and an intriguing succession of perspectives between interior and exterior, above and below. A dressing room and storage spaces are located at the ground level of each private tower, a bathroom is on the mezzanine floor, while bedrooms are on the second floor. The slightly bigger tower for the parents has a rooftop garden from where one has a clear view to “La Défense”, the modern Paris’ business district with its skyscrapers.

Photographs: George Dupin ( via Designboom)

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