Porta Pacis


Tihany is a village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula in Hungary.

The whole peninsula is a historical district, the center of it is the Benedictine Abbey, which was founded in 1055 by András (Andrew) I, who was buried in the crypt. The church itself was rebuilt in baroque style in 1754. The still functioning abbey is a popular tourist attraction due to its historical and artistic significance. It also has the best view of Lake Balaton and it is famous for the echo, existing since the 18th century.

Porta Pacis is made for those 200 000 tourists who visit the Tihany every year.

The Abbey is a historic monument in an immersive environment so the new building should be puritan and very simple. CZITA Architectural Office got the commission to design the reception building. Many religious buildings have already been designed by the office.

A crypt had been built next to the Abbey around 1920, but it had never been used, so the new reception building replaced this crypt. Because of this the biggest part of the building is under the ground situated in Csokonai park, neighborhood of the Abbey.

Just the entrance place emerges from the ground with it’s monolithic cube, the big hall (which can act as a conference hall), the ticket and information desks are situated under the field just like the toilets.

The designers’ aim was to make a really simple building which has similar atmosphere as the Abbey, and which can serve all the tourists’ needs.

The article is based on epiteszforum.hu website’s Porta Pacis – a Tihanyi Bencés Apátság fogadóépülete article.

The source of pictures: epiteszforum.hu

You can get more information and pictures about the building here.

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