Unexpected Geometries, Eclecticism and Patchwork at the Zadar Forum

naslovna foto

Even though it was opened several weeks ago, the Zadar Boutique Hostel and Café, is yet another in a series of projects that combine successful entrepreneurship via quality design. The authors are Studio Up and Damir Gamulin Gamba, a team that demonstrated their visionary ideas on the concept of design branding through the Split Hostel Goli&Bosi. This is about a building situated in the very center of Zadar, where the Hotel Forum was once located, with some thirty rooms along with the Turisthotel management building, and now hosts a boutique hostel with 37 rooms with 111 beds.

Situated at the Roman Forum, between the St. Stošija Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum, the hostel intervened within the business and residential complex by Bruno Milić from 1964.

The spatial limits were transformed by new plaster-cardboard geometries, colorful rasters, rhythms of ceramic tiles, shiny lacquer, acrylic reflective boards and tinted mirrors, so as to create a new relationship towards antique, modernist heritage and nature. The program gradually glides from private to public – with a long hallway along the chat room, an installed garden pavilion that becomes a place of gatherings and exchange of global/local guests’ experiences, and the Café, at the intersection of card and decumanus between the diabolical reflections where every character can find their own space, their own chair, their own reflection.

Common rooms such as the gazebo – an interior garden, a breakfast room, bleachers for various activities and self-catering premises are also present.

The tourist season is slowly leaving us, however I believe that this space is set to become a Mecca not only for tourists in want of sightseeing artistic Zadar heritage, but for all those who appreciate incredible design and architecture.


Photos by: Damir Gamulin, Toma Plejić