Croatian Anti-Fascist Comic Book


A comic book monograph entitled “Croatian Anti-Fascist Comic Book”, a retrospective of Croatian wartime comic books, published by “Stripforum” – Friends of Comic Books Association, was presented on September 18th in Zagreb with Croatian President Ivo Josipović in attendance, as the author of the monograph’s foreword. Julije Radilović – Jules and Borivoj Dovniković also attended the event.

On over three hundred pages, 19 black-and-white and color comic books created from 1952 to mid-1980s were presented. The collection includes the works of about 20 cartoonists and writers pertaining to different genres – action, spy, noir, and even love comic book – and the respective plots take place during World War 2. The monograph includes the works of Andrija Maurović, Žarko Beker, Jules Radilović, Ivica Bednjanec, Zdenko Svirčić, Borivoj Dovniković, Rudi Aljinović, Zvonimir Furtinger and many other prominent authors.

“One of my personal motives for publishing a collection of comic books with anti-fascist themes, that includes the works of practically all our prominent authors in the field, was also a desire to rebut the prejudice of how these comic books are a naïve propaganda filled with nothing but communist ideology,” explains Mladen Novaković, the president of Stripforum and the editor of the monograph, and continues: “These are just comic books with the universal humane message reflected in the depiction of action scenes where the good fights the evil, villains and invaders, in a cruel period of our history. That’s precisely why I insisted on making a single book with as comprehensive collection of comic books as possible, with various Croatian authors included.”

“The aim of this project is the additional reaffirmation of comic books, in order to return the forlorn importance to this somewhat forgotten art form, as well as to remind the younger generations of our rich national comic books heritage. The fact that such a publication has the support of the country’s president gives an extra value to comic books and a special meaning to this project,” Novaković concludes.

As is stated in the foreword by President Josipović: “Those comic books, very popular in the past and somewhat forgotten today, with their art and graphic characteristics are worthy of a reprint, worthy of salvaging from oblivion. Their strength and attraction lays in high art, but also in the noble message of the value of fight against fascism.”

The monograph is available only in the comic book store, gallery, and gift shop “Lastan”.

Title: “Croatian Anti-Fascist Comic Book”
Authors: Maurović – Radilović – Svirčić – Kušanić – Dovniković – Beker – Bednjanec
Hardcover: 340 pages