The Chameleon Effect


As far as Johannes Stötter is concerned, the human body is the perfect canvas, and his work is strongly influenced by nature (cycles: seasons, elements, Gaia, continents), music, spirituality (cycles: yoga, light of life). For the most part he camouflages his objects – people, in the environment, merging them into chameleons, reminiscent of the work of Chinese artist Liu Bolin (“Hiding in the City”), which we covered here.

On the other hand, he is inspired by the human body, which he transforms into fruit and vegetables, at times with anatomy, thus sometimes producing bizarre outcomes.

The well-rounded artist was born in 1978 in South Tyrol (the Italian part), and in addition to painting he plays the violin, bouzouki and guitar, and has been a member of the Balkan-folk ban ‘Wonderful Tulip’ since 2010. His talent in painting human bodies has been recognized and awarded at the international competition in Lake Wörthersee in 2012, in Pörtschach (Austria) where he won first place and was granted the title of Best Body Painting Artist in the World.

Recent works: tropical frog, compilation of five people.