Big Break for Croatian Product Design


Following its Belgrade premiere, and the exceptionally successful Zagreb edition of the Common Sense and Sensibility exhibition, the travelling exhibition of Croatian product design is set to open tomorrow in the heart of Hvar town – at the Hvar Loža Gallery.

The very choice of setting up the exhibition in Hvar, locating it in the heart of the town as well as its timing, couldn’t be better, bearing in mind the fact that the “target consumers” of Croatian brand design are precisely the type of clientele who regularly visit Hvar. The Common Sense and Sensibility exhibition, with Tatjana Bartaković as its initiator and curator, provides attendants with a realistic overview and insight  into the real state of contemporary Croatian product design, its talents and trends, and we’re hoping it will also serve as a platform to adequately launch and present words, images and products to a broader European and worldwide audience.

As a reminder, the Common Sense and Sensibility Project views Croatian product-design production from a different aspect, emphasizing its development into real brands including well-known names, businesses and Croatian initiatives, not neglecting to incorporate young forces of Croatian design as well.

We’ve extensively covered the Common Sense and Sensibility Project and exhibition as a platform of successful and high-quality representation of Croatian design, with supporting the whole initiative as its media sponsor.

We’ve interviewed the project’s initiator Tatjana Bartaković, handed out design awards in view of the Zagreb exhibition, while several interviews or presentations of various artists’ works were featured on the website on a regular basis.

The exhibition set-up in the Hvar Loža, the city’s most renowned historical structure, was designed by Svjetlana Despot, a designer from Rijeka whose products are also a part of the exhibition. The remaining authors and initiatives set to present themselves are as follows: Kvadra Design, Element, OBLO, Somewhere City, Blablab, Design Hotel Lone, Design Hostel Golly&Bossy, Grupa Products, BOYA, Little Horse and Baby Beuys, Manufakturist, Ana Tevšić and Filip Gordon Frank.

The Common Sense and Sensibility Exhibition is open on Hvar until August 20, 2012.

While waiting for photos from the Hvar exhibition, check out what the set-up at the Zagreb Forum Gallery looked like: