Catching Stars


The project 365 – Mission Possibleis an inspirational venture created by Studio CIPMANN from Rijeka. As big fans of Google Doodle, a designer and copyrighter joined forces to publish a variation of their logotype on a daily basis – a ladder to the stars, as a way of reaching the stars in the form of a distinctive visual and concurrent verbal.

Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall

In addition to being an excellent creative diversion, they’re also chasing stars. They deeply believe that stars are within reach and their mission is to inspire and encourage people to reach towards their own stars and dreams, whatever they may be. Along with certain ways of reaching the stars – such as via plane, escalator… – we figured out several other unusual plans for a starry ascent such as vacuuming stars, fishing, smoke signals… Likewise, every illustration is accompanied by an original verbal message.

The project started January 1st, 2013 with a public commitment that the ladders to the stars will be posted daily for a period of 365 days. They haven’t backtracked on their promise so far and have published over 200 ways of reaching the stars. However, the real challenge is just beginning, as they can’t repeat themselves.

We suggest you visit the stars by all means – here – and enjoy the ascent. And if you have an idea that the girls haven’t thought of yet, do not hesitate to send them your suggestion and become a guest inspirer.

We wish you a good catch in starry waters.