Everything You Didn’t Know About Rijeka

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Amazed by Rijeka history and disappointed by its under-exposure, especially among its young inhabitants, designers working under the name of Cipmann and Idea Exchange Kantoon Shop – joined forces and called themselves “A Whole New Ball Game” in order to present their project of Rijeka shirts, with a decision to promote Rijeka’s historical points of interest. Following exhaustive research, they selected 4 motifs, i.e. 4 Rijeka-based stories that have been, to put it mildly, forgotten.


The Rijeka inhabitants behind this project called “A Whole Different Ball Game” hold that behind every good product is a good storyline, thus they decided to show Rijeka’s history through an illustrated story that would revive this bit of history.


Although the T-shirts are intended as educational, they are adapted to cater to the younger population with their very design, so that young people can wear them on their travels. The T-shirts provide an eclectic combination of the visual and verbal to arouse curiosity and to remind the public of Rijeka’s main features and the town’s rich heritage. The design is partially drawn from a historical context, and partially modified for urban visual language, while the grills are mostly ambiguous. A specific story comes with every T-shirt so there’s no fear of information shortage. For example, now we know that that Rijeka Cord Factory is one of the most long-lived Rijeka factories, and it was developed from the first productions of marine ropes and was active for a full 230 years, all the way until its foreclosure in the 90s, or that Rijeka’s streets layout served as inspiration for the development of Balthazar Town (!), that Rijeka was in fact a sweet town where a sugar and chocolate factory used to be. However, you’ll need to check out the T-shirts for further details!

In choosing the motif, which was no mean feat, considering the wealthy Rijeka heritage, these Rijeka inhabitants were led by their own feelings i.e. they selected things that were most interesting to them and not all that well-known. A series of motifs is planned for further development so we suggest you follow our next edition. It’s high time Rijeka and its inhabitants start singing Rijeka’s praises and promoting its heritage, as a good story travels fast. The Rijeka Protectors will help them in spreading the word about these historically inspired stories.

This project got the support from the Rijeka Tourist Board, which granted it ‘A Rijeka Original’ Certificate of Souvenirs.