Who Were the Best Authors at the D Day


This year’s edition of Dan D (D Day) reached its pinnacle with the best authors’ award ceremony at the D-Fair on Saturday. As you probably already know, comeandcheck.it followed D Day this year as a media sponsor.

All the events and happenings at D Day were displayed on our Facebook page as they happened. Alas, you weren’t able to follow everything on our website due to a bug, which has fortunately now been resolved. You’ll be able to check out what we saw, whom we noticed, and whom we interviewed throughout next week on our pages, while continue reading to check out which young authors were the best according to the expert panel of judges within the framework of the main part of D Day – the exhibition fair in the category of young authors under 35.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the events and happenings at the Fair, what the award-winners and a few other interesting exhibiting designers had to say on their projects, design and D Day, via our blitz interviews with them and accompanying photos.

The international panel of judges that awarded the best authors consisted of the Dutch curator of design and visual arts and director of the design fair OBJECT Rotterdam Anne van der Zwaag, cultural manager, founder of the Skopje Design Week and director of the Public Room organization Aleksandar Velinovski, and the versatile designer Mauro Massarotto.

The above mentioned panel of judges announced as best works those of the designer duo Lisnati odred (Marina Andrijašević and Maja Subotić), author Tvrtko Bojić and the duo mkf&at (Marino Krstačić-Furić and Ana Tomić).

‘Lisnati odred created a brilliant product which they presented in an immensely professional manner, making it more than obvious that they had a highly thought-out approach to presenting their product. We’re of the opinion that this product has massive commercial potential.

Tvrtko Bojić was awarded for the design of a multifunctional coffee table, as we hold that the product and design of the little table was brilliantly designed, at the same time being approachable, what all in all makes it a large accomplishment and a highly original work’, Anne van der Zwaag explains.

‘The concept of the mkf&at duo is experimental and is outside the proverbial box, crossing that safe boundary. The authors weren’t working two-dimensionally, but three-dimensionally and the result is an exceptionally work ’, adds Anne van der Zwaag.

Along with the stated works, the panel of judges selected two more additional works by  Damir Prizmić and Petra Križan, who were awarded honorable mentions.