From the title you can think easily that you misspelled the website’s name and it is a cooking site, but you are on the correct site, don’t worry, I won’t write any cooking recipies.

Have you ever heard about spaghetti bridges? A spaghetti bridge is a small scale model bridge made of spaghetti or other hard, dry, straight noodles. At the beginning secondary schools and universities made these mock-ups to understand the behaviour of constructions because it was a good and cheap way to get experiences in constructing. But in the last twenty years spaghetti bridge competitons have become so popular in the world. The first championships were organized in England, but at the begining there were only a few rules which always changed. As popularity increased, championships needed uniform rules as well.

Nowadays there are different categories, which depends on the type of the pasta (spaghetti, big or small macaroni), the quantity of glue, the weight and type (number of struts) of bridges.

Mostly there are some special awards for innovation and for beauty as well, but whose bridge can support the largest load, that is the absolute winner.


The most famous and oldest international competition is called Heavyweight Contest. This annual competition, held at Okanagan College in British Columbia, started in 1983.

If you are really interested in these competitons, you don’t have to travel too far.

RECCS 2013 World Championship, organized by Óbuda University (Budapest), has just finished on 24th of May with a new world record. Competitors came from Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Germany and Hungary.

The winner bridge (1 kg own weight) collapsed after 570,3 kg loading, which is about a Polski Fiat 126’s weight.


First you can think it is just a game, without any knowledge, but after speaking with competitors you realize the success depends on amazing thinks as well. The lifting capacity is influenced by the air pressure, humidity and temperature, too.

At the end the winner group said the secret of winning: you have to check every pieces of pasta, and you should use only perfect fibers. When you cut them to the right size, you have to repeat checking again. After these process you can start building your bridge…

If you would like to see more photos or take part in a competition, you can find more informations on RECCS World Championship’ swebsite.

You can see a video about the RECCS 2013 World Championship as well.

Julia Salamon