Colours for a Fresh Start


You’ve always wanted to match the colour of your walls to your favourite home items? You have new curtains that don’t really go well with the wall colour?

Dulux Colour Click, a unique application and an upcoming addition to our market, is going to change that. It’s going to help you mix and match the colours for your home yourself, so you can finally have that perfect combination of colours you’ve always wanted. It’s an innovation that makes the choosing and matching of colours easier, inspires your creative side, and lets your imagination run free.

Dulux Colour Click is intended for personalized home decoration because it enables you to choose the perfect colour for your wall in just a few short steps, and then helps you choose the same or the most similar; or perhaps the opposite or complementary colour r from the rich palette of Dulux hues.

The procedure is very simple. First of all, you need a Dulux Colour Click Frame that you can find in any larger paint and varnishes store, as well as with Dulux Colour partners. With the help of the Frame you take a picture of the pattern you would like to scan the colour from, either with your camera or with your cell phone; then you transfer the picture to your computer, upload it to, and proceed to select the colour that matches your pattern.

The application can be found at The webpage will soon get a design makeover and it will also present a new visual identity of the international Dulux brand.

Dulux is the leading world brand in the field of paints and varnishes for interiors and facades, and has a long-standing tradition of over 70 years. It has been chosen as one of top 10 brands in its country of origin, England.

Dulex offers high quality products: interior paints, wood and metal varnishes, products for decorative wood protection, façade colours and special paint coats. Given the variety of its offer, Dulux is able to meet everyone’s needs – from mass consumption to professional experts that use only the best quality products in their work.

In addition, the range of Dulux colours provides a large variety of hues indeed. Almost 15 000 of them, for various purposes, is more than enough for even the most demanding among us! There virtually isn’t a colour you won’t find!

With Dulux, you can now give your living space the colours you’ve always wanted… Colours for a fresh start.