Fagerhult Brings a Touch of Scandinavia into Telektra


By offering lighting products of renowned European manufacturers TELEKTRA is trying to satisfy the widest range of customers. It is continuously working on introducing quality and reliable manufacturers of lighting products to the customers in the domestic market with the intention of providing a wide range spectrum of both indoor and outdoor lighting products in order to contribute to the development of modern lighting concepts.

Telektra has been the exclusive representative of the Swedish company FAGERHULT for Croatia since the beginning of this year. Fagerhult is the third biggest Group in Europe in the field of lighting products with nearly 2000 employees and offices in 17 countries. Fagerhult makes modern products and exciting, energy efficient, environment-friendly lighting installations and successfully integrates them into their natural surroundings.

The Group includes important brands such as: Fagerhult, Ateljé Lyktan, WhitecroftLighting, LTS Licht te Leuchten and DesignPlan. AB Fagerhult stocks are a part of the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm.

Fagerhult focuses primarily on making and designing lights and lighting systems for indoor working and public areas. However, it also manufactures outdoor lighting products for offices, schools, shops, fairs, galleries and museums, industrial facilities, artisan workshops, hospitals and health institutions. The Group’s offer also includes lamps and emergency lighting systems.

In the production process the biggest emphasis is put on the quality of the process itself, quality of the materials used and optimal technical characteristics of the products in order to make them energy efficient. The design of products is functional; its lines are simple and strict, to the point where it’s practically a reflection of the Protestant work ethic and modesty. It’s only in the past decade or so, collaborating with the top quality designers, that Fagerhult has been modifying the design of its products by making it more freeform.

When it comes to exteriors, Fagerhult makes residential architecture products, such as lighting products for walls or ceilings; or downlights for outdoor installation. These are functional concepts for public buildings as well as private houses, villas, holiday homes.

There are also “bollard” light posts, streetlights for shorter light posts in residential areas, as well as a smaller number of road lights.

Fagerhult is more than just a manufacturer of lighting products. It is also an innovator when it comes to lighting science, a participant in the research on the effects of lighting on human productivity and well-being, a contributor in creating new and modifying already existing electric lighting norms.

Fagerhult is the founder of the so-called “Lighting Academy” which enables their experts to give professional lectures on certain topics within their field throughout Europe; at universities and interested companies. Certain topics, in the form of interesting brochures, can be found at the Fagerhult Group website.