Geberit Monolith – Acknowledgement of Quality

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Elegantly Hidden Toilet Tank

Spring is the right time to think about enhancing your bathroom, modernizing and turning it into a display arena of great products that optimize space, dazzle you with their quality, and meet all your requirements. These sanitary products are a part of a new dimension, a new age, which will make you follow trends by making your bathroom more beautiful without the unnecessary destruction of walls and the unwanted dirt.

Geberit Monolith is one of those products whose elegance sweeps away all competition in the field of toilet seats. Monolith is a sanitary module that in addition to its elegance and excellent design also has a built-in toilet tank completing the entire product and giving it a whole new dimension.

Advantages and Acknowledgement of Quality

Geberit Monolith, a sanitary module with a built-in toilet tank, represents all that the Geberit Company stands for and promotes when it comes to their products: compatibility, flexibility, top-quality, simplicity of maintenance, and multi-functional features. In this case, compatibility is a big advantage because it doesn’t require major construction changes. The biggest advantage of this great product is its simplified installation, the fact that it can be easily put onto the already existing plumbing systems and installations.

For its modern elegance, functionality, and design Geberit Monolith has received a number of important awards, such as: pro as well as a few other prominent nominations.